Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Joy of Stats

Hans Rosling has a bit of a cult following. In 2010, he aired an hour-long program on BBC, The Joy of Stats, and it has been one of my favorite statistics videos.

I like to have my AP Stats students watch this video at the beginning of the year to help them get an idea of what statistics is really about. I have them write responses and it's always really fun and interesting to read what the teenagers have to say about it.

I could tell you more about how much I adore Rosling's work and how great I think The Joy of Stats is. But let me share with you some bold statements that one of my students made about it, instead:
I think this video is a great motivator for those who think statistics is just about numbers, for in reality it is an artistic masterpiece that the world has developed. This masterpiece is one that, although unrecognizable, decodes life's mysteries and explains functions of the world. Who knows, maybe one day everybody will realize that statistics is the key to make the world a better place.
Wow. I hope statistics lives up to this student's first impressions. I also hope statistics really does make the world a better place.

Watch: The Joy of Stats

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(Photo from BBC.)

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