Sunday, December 13, 2020

Top 6 Strategies for Building a Successful Remote Classroom

When Luke Wilcox asked me how this semester was going and to write a blog post for Stats Medic, I had to tell him the truth. I told him about the rollercoaster semester we've (all) had so far. I also didn't hesitate at the chance to write the requested post. In part because it felt good to get reacquainted with my blog-writing self, but also because Stats Medic generously enrolled all of my students last semester to their online AP Statistics course free of charge just weeks after we went into emergency remote learning. New York City was hit pretty hard by this pandemic early on and I was very grateful to have this resource for my students. My generous statistics community has helped me immensely throughout this challenging year and I knew this would be a way for me to help pay it forward. 

Luke asked "If you have one thing to share with the AP Stats community, what would be most helpful?" After thinking about this good question, I had more than one thing. This post is my response.