Saturday, January 2, 2021

51 Ideas for Stress Relief... from my AP Statistics Students

I asked my students: "What are you currently doing for stress relief?" 

Most had really great, healthy things they are doing. I love how some of my students were vague about what they are doing and some were very specific. One wise student started by saying, "I've been trying to tell myself that I'm doing my best and I'm only human." But some said, "Nothing. I am very stressed." Or, "I'm really just upset a lot." And one student used this space to say: "I'm currently struggling to find a way. I would love to hear our classmate's responses." 

And so, I decided to compile a list of my students' responses.
  1. Listening to podcasts from NPR.
  2. Playing video games
  3. Watching anime
  4. Reading books
  5. Going for a walk outside
  6. Chatting with friends
  7. Playing piano and trombone
  8. Listening to dance kpop
  9. Organizing my notes
  10. Watching action movies
  11. My parents and I play board games or cards once a week
  12. Listening to jazz
  13. Running
  14. Watching drama or YouTube
  15. Sleep or just take a break from what I am doing
  16. I mostly like to lie down with my dog and sleep
  17. Listening to relaxing music
  18. Less stressful activities that I enjoy partaking in like painting.
  19. Pilates
  20. I call my friends
  21. Stretching in the mornings
  22. Watching a lot of Netflix and sleeping :)
  23. Meditation
  24. I dedicate an hour everyday for playing with/walking my dog, and I don't use technology during this hour, except for some music.
  25. I call my friends 
  26. I do henna art 
  27. Exercise
  28. Spending time with friends (virtually)
  29. I like to play the guitar
  30. Eating good foods
  31. I am trying to workout and listen to music
  32. Going to the park
  33. I am doing the things I enjoy
  34. I started doing yoga
  35. I am trying to get outside as much as I can
  36. Doing my work
  37. Playing league of legends.
  38. Cleaning
  39. Biking
  40. Using a fidget spinner
  41. Sports like soccer or basketball
  42. Going to sleep and waking up earlier
  43. I try to get as much ~socially distant~ social interaction as I can, which always lightens my mood. :)
  44. I watch videos of my dream car on YouTube.
  45. Breathing Workouts 
  46. Reading philosophy.
  47. I go to work Thursdays and Fridays.
  48. Making videos! 
  49. Spending time with myself.
  50. Cooking
  51. Doing math.
Have you discussed stress with your students? If so, what are your students doing for stress relief?

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