Monday, May 14, 2018

The Final AP Stats Power Quiz

As a way to review for the AP Stats exam, I have my students do a series of power quizzes* (5 multiple choice questions) in the weeks leading up the exam date (either individually or in groups). This is common practice in my department. A colleague of mine also does a final power quiz the day before the AP exam. I loved the idea so much that I decided to use this inspiration to come up with my own final power quiz for my AP Stats students.

The intent of this final power quiz is to help remind students about some basics of the AP exam administration, address some common places for mistakes, and help students plan well for taking a 3-hour exam.

The Final AP Stats Power Quiz (30 true/false)

On the version I give my students, I have also added one statement that is specific for my students in terms of page 1 of their answer sheet and one statement to personally wish them well.

Good luck to your students taking the AP exam.

*Not to be confused with quizzes on statistical power. That's, perhaps, a topic for another post.

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