Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Framework for Discussion: Past, Present, and Future

As a guide for class discussion and written responses, I like for students to think about how the presented information connects to the past, the present, as well as the future. I don't find value in them just summarizing what they have read, heard, or watched. Instead, I want students to think about how they are processing this new information given each of their own personal viewpoints. I emphasize to them that there is no correct answer.

Here are some motivating questions for students to help them with this process:


Is there anything from your personal life experience that relates to what you have read/heard/watched?

Are there any connections from past classes or other disciplines that you can make with this new information?
How might history or past knowledge be influential in the development of these ideas?


What do you like or dislike?
What do you find noteworthy or interesting?
Do you feel this information is important or significant? If so, how?


Are there any questions that you have as a result of this information?
What do you want to know now?
What would you change or do differently?

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